Water Base Sidewalk Sign A0/A1 Windproof Pavement Sign with wheel

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Introducing the Water Base Sidewalk Sign: A0/A1 Windproof Pavement Sign with Wheel Snap Open Frame

Introducing the Water Base Sidewalk Sign: A0/A1 Windproof Pavement Sign with Wheel Snap Open Frame

Are you looking for a reliable and eye-catching way to display your graphics or advertisements outdoors? Look no further than our water base sidewalk sign with windproof pavement sign. This versatile sign is designed to withstand the elements while ensuring that your message gets noticed.

Sturdy and Windproof Design

The key feature of our water base sidewalk sign is its windproof design. The snap open frame is specifically engineered to withstand strong winds, ensuring that your sign stays securely in place even on blustery days. This is especially important for outdoor advertising, as you want to make sure your message is visible and legible at all times.

Additionally, the water base provides stability and prevents the sign from tipping over. This is especially useful in high traffic areas or locations where there may be foot traffic or other potential hazards. You can have peace of mind knowing that your sign will stay upright and in place, no matter the conditions.

Double-Sided Display for Maximum Exposure

Our water base sidewalk sign features a double-sided display, allowing you to showcase your graphics or advertisements from both directions. This ensures that your message reaches a wider audience and maximizes exposure. Whether you're promoting a special offer, announcing an event, or simply displaying important information, our sign will make sure your message is seen.

This A0/A1 pavement sign, the A0/A1 graphics size provides ample space for your content, allowing you to create impactful and attention-grabbing designs. Whether you choose to use vibrant colors, bold fonts, or striking imagery, our sign will help you make a lasting impression on passersby.

Convenience and Portability

This A0/A1 pavement sign is designed with convenience and portability in mind. The snap open frame allows for easy graphic changes, making it simple to update your message as needed. Whether you want to change your promotion, update your branding, or simply refresh your content, our sign makes it a breeze.

In addition, the sign is equipped with wheels, making it easy to move and position wherever you need it. This is especially useful if you want to change the location of your sign throughout the day or if you have multiple locations where you want to display your message.

Overall, our water base sidewalk sign with A0/A1 pavement sign is a reliable, durable, and versatile solution for outdoor advertising. Its sturdy design, double-sided display, and convenient features make it an excellent choice for businesses, events, and organizations looking to make an impact. Invest in our sign today and watch as your message stands out from the crowd.

Windproof pavement signs FAQ:

1. what is a water base sidewalk sign?

This Water Base Poster Stand is a windproof and double-sided display product with a base which can be filled with water to enhance the weight.

2.What size is this A0/A1 Pavement Sign?

A0:89.5*123.5cm (frame size)  101*63cm (base) 154cm (overall height)

A1:63.8*88.5cm (frame size)  80*50.5cm (base)119cm (overall height)

3.How to assemble the Poster Stand?

The installation method is quite simple, just fix the aluminum frame and the spring onto the water base.

4. Can I buy the frame and poster board together?

Normally we offer the frame only, but if you need a customized poster board you can contact us.

5.How's the packaging like?

It will be packed with a thick cardboard box and foam padding inside to protect our product.

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