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Types of Indoor Signage

Types of Indoor Signage

  • Tuesday, 07 May 2024
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Types of Indoor Signage

As the name implies, indoor signs are a type of signage that’s used inside businesses.indoor signage Whether they’re large banners announcing sales or permanent interior signage promoting your brand voice, indoor signs can help you achieve your business goals by increasing customer satisfaction, sales and building brand awareness.

Directional indoor signs, for example, can make it easier for shoppers to find the products they’re looking for.indoor signage This can help create a stress-free shopping experience, which can lead to happier and more loyal customers. Directional signs also can help visitors navigate a large convention center or office complex by labeling conference rooms, offices and other locations.

Point of purchase (POP) indoor signs can increase sales by highlighting specific or promotional offers.indoor signage They can also show how a product can be used, which helps customers visualize the benefits of the product and can make them more likely to buy.

ADA compliant indoor signage (Americans with Disabilities Act) is required by federal law for businesses that service people with disabilities.indoor signage It includes a wide variety of signage that’s necessary for people with visual or mobility issues, such as directional signage, signs telling where restrooms are and the location of escalators or elevators. Signs are typically mounted on walls and floors in areas that are frequently visited by people with disabilities, so they’re easy to see and read.

Other types of indoor signs include branded signage, such as banners and wall graphics that announce your company’s mission and values. They can be an effective way to build brand awareness by reminding your employees of your values throughout their workdays and enhancing workplace morale.

Indoor signs can also improve the appearance of a company’s space and provide credibility. For example, a well-designed sign featuring the company’s logo and colors can enhance its professional image and create an inviting environment for customers.

Indoor signs can be made from many different materials, including acrylic, glass and corrugated plastic (also known as coroplast). A durable material like acrylic is a good choice for directional signage because it’s easy to clean, resists chipping and cracking and has a high contrast level that makes it easier to read. Acrylic is a great option for signs that require more than just text because it can be fabricated to feature a logo or 3D lettering, which adds to the visual appeal of the sign. Coroplast is another popular and cost-effective material for directional signage because it’s lightweight, durable and has a matte finish. Both acrylic and coroplast are suitable for use outdoors as well. They can even be modified to serve as temporary outdoor signage for events.

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